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Legends and heroes: Berger’s victorious Ferrari and Gasly’s AlphaTauri® amongst the Formula 1® cars on show in Vienna

The Formula 1® Exhibition confirms the inclusion of legendary Formula 1® racing cars from Ferrari, AlphaTauri® and Maserati at the METAStadt 

The Formula 1® Exhibition will pay tribute to Austrian fans and enrich the experience for everyone at METAStadt with the confirmation that three legendary Formula 1® racing cars will be added to the show in Vienna, with additional car announcements still to come.

The exhibition opens on the 2nd February 2024, and Austrian racing driver Gerhard Berger’s Ferrari F187/88C will no doubt be a huge draw for local fans, An iconic car, the F187/88C was the last Ferrari Formula 1® car built before Enzo Ferrari’s passing in August 1988. Just four months after Enzo’s death, Berger created a red miracle racing the car to victory at the 1988 Italian Grand Prix, dedicating his fourth Grand Prix victory to the “Commendatore” and Ferrari boss.

Also on display will be the AlphaTauri® AT01 driven to victory by Pierre Gasly at Monza 2020, making headlines around the world. From 10th on the grid, he took the lead on lap 28 after a 25-minute red flag period. Closely followed by McLaren’s Carlos Sainz and Racing Point’s Lance Stroll, Gasly set the pace to the finish line in his Honda-powered AlphaTauri® AT01 to secure his and the team’s first Formula 1® victory – a historic moment in the sport

Speaking about the AlphaTauri® AT01 that he took to victory Gasly said: “The way that things happened, I don’t think I could have expected a better first F1 race win than with AlphaTauri, and as a midfield team we were not real contenders for victory. But still nevertheless, we had the right mindset and the right approach. Cars in Formula 1 make a big part of your results and of your performance. Sometimes it’s not that easy to achieve a top five, a podium or a race win. Even amazing drivers didn’t get the chance to experience that because they didn’t have the car.”

The 1956 Maserati 250F will be a brand-new addition to the show, loaned to the exhibition courtesy of the National Automobile Museum in Mulhouse, France. One of the most iconic post-WW2 era Formula 1® cars, the 250F was driven by some of the most famous names in the sport: Juan Manuel Fangio, Stirling Moss, Jean Behra, Hans Herrmann, and Jo Bonnier. Significantly, the first woman to race in Formula 1®, Maria Teresa de Filippis also drove a 250F entering a number of races in the 1958 season. 

All three cars will be new additions to the opening room of the exhibition, Once Upon a Time in Formula 1®, a specially built gallery experience, that combines large scale photography, and short documentaries featuring interviews with the sports most renowned personalities. The addition of the three cars from different eras of the sport will take the storytelling to a new level, showing the technical advances through the decades.

In collaboration with award-winning curators, artists and filmmakers, the Formula 1® Exhibition provides unique narrative insights into the extraordinary world of Formula 1® across more than 3,000 m2 in seven specially designed rooms.

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